Vortex Drone

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Vortex Drone

Start your adventure with Forever Vortex drone! Quick and streamlined device is perfectly suited for competitive flight in open spaces. Capture aerial acrobatics using the HD camera that is attached in set or fix your own using included sports camera bracket. Dedicated application – Vortex Drone (available in App Store and Google Play).

Automatic calibration : Yes
Camera : Yes
Charging time : 70-90 min
Distance : 80 m
Gyroscope : 6-axis with regulation
Image transmission : Wi-Fi FPV
Max. flight time : 12 min
Powe r: 1200 mAh Li-Pol 7,4V
Remote power : 4 x1,5V AA
SD card support : Micro SD
Steering distance : Up to 200m
Transmission 2,4 GHz
Video resolution : 1080 x 720 px
Weight : 350 gr.

Vortex Drone


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